Entering a Registration Form Into the Medical Manager Practice Management Software

The first step in entering a registration form is to examine the form and make sure you know who is the guarantor, who is the patient, and how many insurance policies they have. In many cases new trainee employees miss the information for the secondary insurance. Be aware of who are the policyholders of the insurances. At times all three parties (policyholder, guarantor and patient) may be totally different people.

Three basic steps are required to enter a registration form into the Medical Manager system. First you will enter the patient personal and demographic information. Secondly, you will enter the various insurance policies (primary, secondary, etc.). Finally, the order in which the policies are to be billed will be set. It is a continuous chain of steps. Dependent patients can be entered when you first enter the guarantor, or after once the guarantor's data entry process is complete.

Once you have entered the system, you will see 12 menu options. Select number 1, New Patient Entry. On the next screen enter the guarantor's last name and account number from the registration form. Pressing F1 on your keyboard will save the current screen, and move on to the next. The following screen will be where you will enter the guarantor's personal information and basic account information such as the doctor number. Once this is saved, you will then be in the insurance coverage screens where you enter the various primary and secondary insurances. The last step will be to confirm or rearrange the order of the insurance policies on the insurance coverage priority screen.

One common mistake made by new trainees is that if they make a mistake in the middle of the process and press escape on their keyboard, they will break the data entry chain making the data invalid. Trainees should instead, continue in the process with the data entered as is, and when complete go back and fix the error using the File Maintenance Menu.

These are the basic steps that are required to enter a registration form in The Medical Manager system. The Medical Manager is an advanced patient billing system with financial or legal contingences when billing errors are made. All those new to medical billing should be trained in available simulation software first before using live data.

Source by Ray Romero