What Is the Difference Between Enrolled and Registered Nurses in Australia?

There are two categories of nurses who are registered to practice in Australia- the Enrolled Nurses (EN) and the Registered Nurses (RN). Registered Nurses have satisfactorily completed a degree course in Nursing, while Enrolled Nurses are certificate/diploma trained. RNs are called Division I Nurses, while Enrolled Nurses are Division II nurses. Both of them work as a part of a health care team, and work at primary, secondary and tertiary levels of healthcare.

To become an EN, you are required to study full time for 12 to 18 months, through a state or a private training provider for a course leading to a Diploma or Certificate in EN. To become a Registered Nurse in Australia, you will undertake a course of study at a University to obtain a Bachelor of Nursing certification. Usually, the full time course duration is three and a half years.

InAustralia, both RNs and ENs are employed in general practices, and form an integral part of the healthcare team. They are required to collaborate with and work closely in conjunction with the various activities of doctors, surgeons, other nurses or midwives and others on the healthcare team. Registered Nurses in Australia can work in any healthcare setting, and are considered competent to use skills such as patient assessment, health care planning and evaluation as well as the ability to provide health care interventions. Nurses who are working in General Practice may be required to expand their services as required under the specific circumstances and situations.

Enrolled Nurses are required to work at all times either directly or indirectly under the supervision of Registered Nurses. However, the enrolled nurse is accountable for their own actions, even though the registered nurse may be supervising their work. The RN is responsible for delegating work appropriately to the EN, keeping in mind the EN’s knowledge, skills, education and experience and the context of the nursing services that are required to be provided.

RNs have more options in healthcare than Enrolled Nurses- they can become clinical nurses, nurse practitioners or even go into management. They are also ranked higher on the salary scale.

Registered nurses have greater opportunities for employment and can practice in a variety of settings. Enrolled nurses are a little more limited in that they must work under a RN’s supervision. They can, however, progress to become an Advanced Skill EN, or can pursue an Advanced Diploma. Many of them start off their career as ENs and then undertake additional study to become RNs. They are given credits for their diploma course, and can continue on the course of the degree study to obtain a degree as a RN. Hence the length of their course is reduced.

If you wish to start your career as an Enrolled or a Division II Nurse, you can start off by doing a Diploma of Nursing, such as a course in Enrolled Division 2 Nursing. Find a reputed provider of health education and get started on your career as an Enrolled Nurse today!

Source by Soniya John